10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

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What are the best dog breeds if you live in a city?

Do your dreams of dog ownership seemed to be hampered by your square footage? Are you worried about your neighbors complaining about barking noise, or a lack of dog parks in your neighborhood? Fear not! While not all dogs are cut out for city living—you may never fulfill that desire to be a dog mom (or dad) to a pair of Mastiffs, a three St. Bernards, and a Great Dane—there are breeds that adjust well to apartment living. Choosing the right dog to share your 500 sq. ft. apartment is as important as picking any roommate. You want to consider their energy level, noisiness, and friendliness before making any final decisions.

1. Boston Terrier

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

Boston Terriers are smart, incredibly loyal, and don't need much in the way of grooming. Their compact size and high intelligence make them fantastic companions. While they do require some exercise and stimulus, these easy-going dogs, nicknamed "American Gentlemen" for their clean-cut appearance and strong build, are a good choice.

2. Dachshund

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

If you're looking for a bestie who loves to cuddle, consider getting a dachshund. These small, long-bodied wiener dogs don't require a lot of exercise, and with their short little legs, what energy they have to expend can be done indoors. With such a huge variety of colors, coats, and patterns, they are some seriously attractive hounds!

3. French Bulldog

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

Frenchies a phenomenal apartment pets. They are super laid back, don't require a whole lot in the way of activity or grooming, and they are considered "moderate barkers." Because they do have a tendency toward some health issues and some pretty incredible snoring thanks to their adorable smooshy faces and short heads, finding a vet familiar with Brachycephalic Breeds is important. Check out this article for more information about caring for a French bulldog!

4. Pug

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

For another small, smooshy faced (brachycephalic) breed, the pug is a friendly dog with a great disposition, and they adapt well to new people, other pets and different environments. They do tend to be yappers, so some early training is important to avoid any noise complaints, but their spunky and playful personalities are more than enough to offset any issues. These loyal lovers have a long and interesting history!

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, of Lady and the Tramp fame, are gentle, sociable and very adaptable dogs. Classified in the "Toy Group " by the American Kennel Club, they are one of the most popular dog breeds, and their small size makes them perfect for apartment living. They are also quiet and get along well with children, other animals and perfect to share that large plate of spaghetti.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

Yorkies are adorable little dogs with alert eyes, and quirky personalities. Their small size makes them great apartment pets; however, their natural "yappiness" and distrust of strangers means that early training is very important. These little guys are great for dogs to carry around and will be more than happy to accompany their owners all over the city. Check out this article for more information on how to care for a Yorkshire Terrier.

7. Havanese

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

Havanese, or havana silk dogs, have a long soft coat and friendly disposition make these affectionate dogs perfect to pet. They love being the center of attention, and their adaptable and outgoing personalities make them fantastic city dogs. They make excellent watchdogs, and despite their long coats, they are hypoallergenic.

8. Chihuahua

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

Chihuahuas are sensitive to the cold, so who better than to snuggle under the covers with for a good morning cuddle? These small dogs are fun, playful and energetic, so they will need to go for daily walks, but their sassy personalities make them both entertaining and lovable. It is easy to tell which dogs are chihuahuas!

9. Pomeranian

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

Pomeranians look like little puffballs with button noses and bright eyes, but they are also some of the most energetic and fun dogs for apartment dwellers. They aren't super dependent and can handle spending some time on their own, but they are very high energy and will need to be walked. For the ultimate Pom fluff-factor, a few tricks and tools are necessary, and daily brushings are a must.

10. Greyhound

10 Best Dog Breeds For City Dwellers

Greyhounds may not seem like a great apartment or city dog, but they are known as the "40mph couch potato" for a reason. They are affectionate, gentle, and quiet dogs with minimal grooming needs and are great for families. Happy with daily walks (or runs if you're more active), Greyhounds just want to keep you company.

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