7 Mistakes That Make Your Dog Depressed

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7 Mistakes That Make Your Dog Depressed

Wondering why your dog looks downcast lately? If he appears listless, sleeps more than normal, or has lost interest in games or walks, he may be suffering from depression. Other signs of depression include changes in appetite, restlessness, aggression, or a sudden fall in the house. Finding out the cause of your dog's radio can be a challenge, but you can get to the bottom of it.

Maybe you have been unhappy lately and your grief has wiped your dog, which is in perfect harmony with your emotions. Or maybe your dog's sadness is due to changes in the home or something missing in his life.

But we have good news: In many cases, you can help your dog recover from mild depression by making some simple changes to your routine.

Here are seven mistakes dog owners make that might be at the root of their dog's depression, and some lifestyle adjustments that you can easily make to wiggle that tail again.

1. Do not give enough attention and affection.

Does your dog feel lonely? Does she need some TLC? Attention and affection can be both for you and for your dog moody.

  • Spend good time together.
  • Maintain and pet your dog more often.
  • Talk to your dog. She loves the sound of her voice.

7 Mistakes That Make Your Dog Depressed

2. Not enough mental stimulation.

Your dog is intelligent and requires sufficient mental stimulation to be a living family member. Mental stimulation is important for all dogs, but especially for labor and herding dogs such as Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs and German shepherds.

  • Games that involve training, such as For example, sit and stay for a short time, sit, think and think.
  • Teach new fun, tricks such as speaking, whirling or high-five.
  • Bring the names of the toys to your dog and have them put away when you call the name of the toy.
  • Play hide and seek in your garden or park.
  • Buy food puzzles and games.
  • Join an online community like Dognition where you can take lessons that will help you understand your dog's mind and find the genius of your dog.
  • Change your route when you walk.

3. Not enough exercise.

One of the main causes of boredom and depression in dogs is the lack of quality exercises. Consider whether you need a good daily practice session for your dog, depending on the specific needs of your dog. For example, a Pomeranian needs less practice than a Labrador Retriever. You will immeasurably improve and improve your quality of life and overall health.

  • Longer walks or hires a dog if you do not have time
  • Frisbee or catch / catch
  • Obedience or Flyball if your dog manages
  • hike
  • Fast heel exercises in the park around trees
  • swim
  • Lure Coursing, a dog sport in which visual dogs perform well, but can be enjoyed by any dog. It can be aggressive or non-competitive, and the dogs track a mechanical bait - no animals are injured.
  • Guide your dog up and down the stairs (if both of you are in excellent physical shape and have no bone or joint problems).

Use your imagination to think about other interesting ways to train your dog!

7 Mistakes That Make Your Dog Depressed

4. Not offering enough social time.

Social time or socializing with others is good for everyone, including your dog. Making new friends or visiting with old ones is life-affirming for social dogs.

  • If your dog gets along well with other dogs, take her to the dog park as often as you can.
  • Throw a dog party and invite all your friends and family and their dogs for an afternoon of socializing and yummy treats.

5. Not providing structure or rules.

Your dog is tired of having to make all the decisions. Pulling on the leash during walks and generally misbehaving takes a lot of energy out of your dog. Providing structure for your dog in the form of boundaries, limitations, and a few solid rules are good for your dog's peace of mind (and yours, too).

Inconsistent or erratic behavior from an owner can stress and depress a dog. When you're confident and sure of yourself as the one calling the shots, your dog will be more calm and relaxed. You both need to be on the same page about the house rules.

Obedience training for basic commands can be a fun and rewarding outlet for your dog. It provides structure in his life and is an invaluable tool in the human-dog relationship.

7 Mistakes That Make Your Dog Depressed

6. Scream or be domineering.

Nobody wants to be yelled at, especially your dog; She has very sensitive ears. And nobody wants to be dominated, intimidated or treated unfairly. Dogs are usually enthusiastic and eager to learn, and most have an innate desire to please. If you respect your dog, she will respect you. Never yell, use physical force or dismiss a dog hard. Your interactions should always be positive. Positive reinforcement training methods are the most effective means of training a dog. If you need help, contact a professional dog trainer who uses positive training methods.

7. Leave your dog alone too often or too long.

Life gets busy and some people work for a long time. If your dog stays home alone too long or too often, he or she may misbehave and fall into depression. Consider making some changes to make sure he is not the majority of the time.

  • Rent a dog sitter or ask a friend to keep him company when you are not there.
  • Get another dog to keep him company (if you can).
  • Try to change your schedule so you can spend more time with your dog.

Life can get hectic. Maybe it has been difficult for you to find enough time for your dog lately. The good news is that with some changes in your routine, you can get your happy, bright-eyed best friend back on track.

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