Do Cats Like to be Kissed?

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Do Cats Like to be Kissed?

We all show our cats love and affection in different ways — some people may offer a scratch behind the ears, while others may prefer to praise their loved ones with nicknames or other adorations. Some people can't resist giving their cat a quick peck on the head, but what do their cats think about that? Cats have several ways of showing their own affection, but do they really like to be kissed by their owners?

How cats show affection

Cats have several ways of showing love and affection to those close to them, which includes their human companions. According to Catster, rubbing their faces, cheeks, foreheads, and bodies against things signifies affection and trust, but that's not all — because scent glands are found around the cheeks and forehead, rubbing these parts can also be her way of proclaiming you as "hers" by covering you in her scent, which is a common familial move. Cats can also show you where they stand through their tails. A happy cat will often have his tail pointed upright, which a slight curve at the tip, and some may display a slight puffing at the base of their tails when excited.

Another common way cats show that they care is with a move called the "slow blink," which is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Often, when a cat wishes to express their contentment and appreciation, they will look at the object of their affection through half-closed eyes, and slowly blink. It may take some getting used to, but you can show your cat that you're on the same page as well by locking eyes and slowly blinking them closed a couple of times.

Do Cats Like to be Kissed?

What cats like

So we know what cats do for those they love, but what do they like? That answer will depend on your cat. While some cats may appreciate an affectionate peck on the head or face, others may be uncomfortable by the gesture. If you aren't sure whether or not your cat likes being kissed or hugged, Cat Health suggests taking note of his body language — if his ears lay flat or his tail starts whipping around, for example, he likely does not appreciate your efforts. On the other hand, if your cat is noticeably relaxed, rubbing his face against you, or better yet, purring and kneading, all signs point to a happy cat.

That said, there are certain conditions that most cats care for, any of which may be used to show your cat that you love her.

Do Cats Like to be Kissed?

How to show your cat love

Whether your cat prefers kisses or not, there are plenty of other ways to share affection with your cat. One way is to offer to her what she would offer to a cat companion she loves: grooming. Cats groom one another to build a familiar scent among them, which may even be offered to you if your cat is exceptionally giving with her licks. If your cat doesn't mind being combed, you can return the favor in your own way by grooming her with a nice hair-brushing, which can be bonding for some felines. Meeting her other needs is another great way to show a cat you care, without getting to close. Providing ample bedding for her to curl up in, scratching posts to tear at and climb, and mentally and physically stimulating activities that fulfill her hunter's desire can all go a long way in building a great relationship with your cat and keeping her healthy and happy for years to come.

Finally, simply making time for your cat is most likely the best way to show him your affection, and to help make him feel loved. Keep an eye out for especially well-received offerings or activities, and carve out time every day to share those moments with your feline friend. Cats have a reputation for being cold and aloof, but oftentimes, what makes them happiest is our own company, so a few minutes a day will go a long way in the well-being of your cat.

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