Golden Retriever In Tulip Field

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Golden Retriever In Tulip Field

It's no surprise that the Golden Retriever is one of the ten most popular dogs in the US. Everything is good with the Golden: He is highly intelligent, outgoing, beautiful and loyal.

He is also lively. The Golden matures slowly and maintains the silly, playful personality of a puppy up to the age of three to four years, which can be both delightful and annoying. Many retain their puppy characteristics into old age.

Originally bred for the physically demanding job of finding ducks and other poultry for hunters, the Golden Daily Movement needs: a walk or jog, leisure in the yard, a run on the beach or lake (Golden's Love Water) or a game of pick. And like other intelligent races that have been bred to work, they have to do a job. As the finding of the newspaper, the awakening of family members or the competition in dog sports. A tired golden man is a well behaved golden man.

Not only should you train your Golden Retriever physically and mentally, but you should be prepared to include him in your family activities. The Golden Retriever is a family dog ​​and he has to be with his "pack". Do not consider getting a golden one unless you want to have it in the house every day.

There is another potential disadvantage of the breed: it is definitely not a watchdog. He may bark when strangers come by but do not expect it. Most likely, he will wag his tail and flash that characteristic golden smile.

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