Golden Retrievers In The Rockies By Allison Mae Photography

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Golden Retrievers In The Rockies By Allison Mae Photography

Golden Retrievers In The Rockies By Allison Mae Photography

The Golden Retriever is a harmoniously built, well proportioned, medium sized dog with strong bones. The well-formed skull with pronounced stop and the dark eyes give it the endearing, gentle expression. The eyelids and the nose sponge are well pigmented, which emphasizes the friendly expression of the Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever's coat is medium in length, with smooth or wavy top coat and dense, water-repellent undercoat. The forelegs and tail have a well-defined feathering. The color is standard in every shade between cream and dark golden.

The Golden Retriever is medium in size; adult bitches weigh between 30 and 36 kg at a shoulder height of 51 to 56 cm; adult males weigh between 34 and 40 kg at a shoulder height of 56 and 61 cm.

The Golden Retriever has a balanced temperament; He is not hectic or nervous, but not too calm or even lethargic, but he is lively and cheerful and adapts to all everyday situations with great serenity and fearlessness. He is enthusiastic about many "occupations", is very lively and often playful even as an old dog. The Golden Retriever impresses with his strong will to obedience ("will to please") and his ease. He is very affectionate and loves to participate in all the activities of his "human rascal". The more he is integrated into family life, the more he joins "his" people and likes to settle in and out.

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