Pomeranian With Flower Crown

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Pomeranian With Flower Crown

The Pomeranians may be tiny, but they are real extroverts and they are very gracious and loving. They are the smallest dogs of the Spitz dog and have very fox-like charisma, which are all wrapped in a bunch of lint. They have an interesting ancestry, whereby the German Spitz was one of the dogs out of which the breed emerged. Queen Victoria made these little dogs popular during her reign in 1900.

Today, the Pomeranian is equally popular in the UK and elsewhere in the world, thanks to its sweet temperaments and the fact that these little dogs are super-intelligent and like nothing more than to please. They form extremely strong attachments to a person in a household, but are always friendly to other members and to people they meet, especially when a pom is well educated, well socialized from a young age and in a happy environment ,

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