What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?

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What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?

Cats are known for a lot of things, but most importantly are their DGAF attitudes and their lazy, lazy love of sitting. In combination, over the years, these properties have made many cats fall for their owners. But what does it mean when a cat decides to sit with you? Here's everything you need to know, what cats want to tell us when they're sitting on a human.

They feel safe

What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?

One thing that cats try to say when they sit on you is a simple one: "Hey, I feel very safe with you." This can be especially the case when your kitten is lying on you when he is ready to take a nap. This means that your cat friend trusts you to protect him from enemies while he sleeps.

Showing trust

What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?

Speaking of trust: it's not just naps that show confidence. Every time a cat decides to lie down, this is a great sign of the trust you have built.

"You really have to trust that you're sitting on your lap," said Marilyn Krieger, certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC), based in Redwood City, California, and author of Naughty No More! She stresses how important it is not to leave a cat in your lap and give the cat the opportunity to walk. "If you give them the choice to sit on your lap or not and leave when they want, they will trust you more."

You are one of her favorite people

What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?

Yes, cats play favorites and yes, they tend to prefer the person they most like in a certain space.

"There are a number of possibilities, including butting, purring, and sitting on your lap, closeness can also prove favor, some cats follow their folks in the house, or always choose to be near them," Marilyn told Cuteness.

They want you to pay attention to them

What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?

Cats also put on a person when they demand attention. It is important not to overestimate the independence of the cats and to remember that even these distant creatures from time to time demand affection.

As we've already written, "Cats can become lonely when they're away from home, and most will attract attention when they're around." While cats are undeniably independent and remote from some human or stranger, the feline one becomes feline Dissatisfaction overestimated. "

They steal your body heat

Cats love lying around in warm places and the human body is pretty warm. According to Marilyn Krieger cats are sometimes on their owners, because they demand this heat.

They love how you sound and smell

What Does It Mean When a Cat Sits on You?

Cats love to sleep, and it turns out that the sounds that the human body naturally makes (like the rhythm of the heart and the sound of our breath) can be truly soothing and sleep-inducing to cats. Well, yes, your cat might use you as a nature noise machine when she cuddles up to you. However, more personally, your scent is unique to you and could put your cat in the safe, trusting attitude we've discussed above that is completely unique to your relationship.

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