Why Do Dogs Chew Their Feet?

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Why Do Dogs Chew Their Feet?

There's nothing dogs love more than eating on their adorable paws. Chewing and licking your own feet is common behavior in dogs and it's usually nothing to worry about. Dogs chew with their feet to clean their fur remnants.

Dogs should only gnaw on their paws for bathing. If you see them chewing for other reasons, or if they suddenly started to chew their paws, then it's time to investigate.

Allergies can cause chewing paws

Allergy irritation is the most common reason a dog chews its paws. Allergies are typically caused by food. Dogs, like their humans, are sensitive to pollen and grass chemicals, which are often spread over grass or undergrowth on their paws. If your dog shows signs of allergies and there is no seasonal shift in pollen or outdoor activity, food allergy is probably the cause. However, sometimes dogs are exposed to allergens from new brands of shampoos, soaps or other household cleaners.

Dogs are chewing dry skin

If you have ruled out the likelihood of allergens, dry skin can be the cause of your puppy chewing its paws. Dogs naturally produce oils that protect and hydrate the skin and coat. Atmospheric shifts in the weather, hot temperatures and discomfort can cause dogs to relieve mouth irritation.

Relieve the dry skin of your dog with coconut oil or these natural home remedies to relieve dryness.

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Feet?

Scaly skin can also be caused by fleas. Most dogs have minor allergic reactions of the saliva, which are injected into the skin by flea bites. Veterinarians can provide medication to eradicate flea infestations, but there are also over-the-counter solutions and alternative home remedies.

Due to the body care, dogs can also have dry skin. When bathing too often, especially for products that are not suitable for dogs, the skin and coat of a dog are depleted by the oils that nourish and hydrate them. This can cause dogs to comfort their paws to relax.

Pain or discomfort causes irritation

Dogs often gnaw in response to pain or discomfort on their feet. Because their paws are in constant contact with the ground, there are many ways in which dogs can hurt their feet. Puncture wounds from yard debris, broken claws and foreign bodies between the toes are all common causes of paw pain.

Sometimes dogs chew their paws to relieve the internal sources of pain. If the unclarified clawing of the paw is accompanied by a limp, your dog may suffer from hip dysplasia, joint pain or arthritis.

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Feet?

Parasites lead to pawing

Ticks, mites and fleas can itch and torture dogs when their coats are attacked. Ticks and fleas are larger and fairly easy to spot. However, you may need the assistance of a veterinarian to confirm the presence of mites.

Anxiety can cause compulsive behavior

A dog that compulsively chews and licks its paws often displays symptoms of separation anxiety. Even for dogs that do not suffer from separation anxiety, compulsive chewing is often a sign of depression, stress or sadness.

If you suspect that stress or anxiety causes your dog to chew his paws, there are a number of stress-related home remedies that you can experiment with, including this DIY pack of anxiety.

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