Why Does My Dog Cough After Drinking Water?

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Why Does My Dog Cough After Drinking Water?

Dogs explore the world with their nose and mouth. In their explorations, dogs come into contact with all sorts of things, such as pollen, dust, germs, insects and whatever else lurks in courtyards and living rooms.

This pioneering spirit that dogs enjoy is intentional. Similarly, the cough reflexes that have been developed to expel any impurities that they drink or breathe. A cough is an involuntary action that clears the airway of foreign particles, microbes, and irritants.

Why dogs cough for drinking water

Coughing after a long, intense drink is a daily occurrence for dogs and usually no cause for alarm. You've probably eaten a mild irritant from the stagnant water in their bowls, and this has triggered their cough reflex.

However, if you find that your dog coughs more frequently, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if your dog is a puppy or a brüchycephalic male.

A collapse of the trachea causes coughing in dogs

A condition known as tracheal collapse can cause dogs to cough for drinking water. While every dog ​​variant can suffer from this disease, the brachycephalic races tend to collapse the trachea. In fact, it's most common among Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians, toy poodles, and chihuahuas.

Signs of tracheal breakdown begin with horny coughing sounds as the air attempts to fight through a trachea, which collapses due to the weakening of the tracheal cartilage rings and surrounding muscles. Dogs can collapse completely or partially.

Tracheal collapse is a serious medical complication that can be treated with steroids and cough medicine. To heal this condition, a surgical replacement of the collapsed cartilage rings by prostheses is necessary.

Why Does My Dog Cough After Drinking Water?

Hypoplastic trachea frequently afflicts puppies

If your dog is coughing after drinking water, it can be a sign of a more serious health issue — especially if your dog is a puppy. Hypoplastic trachea is a genetic abnormality where the cartilage rings that provide support to the trachea do not fully develop and constrict the flow of air into the lungs. This effect causes dogs to cough both unexpectedly and after drinking water.

This condition primary affects puppies and symptoms can begin presenting as early as 5-6 months in age. Brachycephalic breeds are most at risk. Be sure to consult a veterinarian if your puppy shows other signs of hypoplastic trachea like low energy, limited ability to exercise and weight gain.

Reverse sneezing can be mistaken for coughing

Reverse sneezing is technically not a cough, but this common phenomenon is often confused with one. It sounds more like a snorting as the larynx of a dog spasms and squeezes the air. It is usually caused by fast food or drink. Reverse sneezing is quite common in dogs, and even if it is done frequently and in succession, it is usually not a cause for concern.

Brachycephaly, such as pug and bulldog, however, often tends to reverse sneezing. It is important never to make assumptions about these short-bred breeds, as they may have health problems that other dogs do not have. Reversed sneezing from a brachycephalic race may be indicative of respiratory disease such as tracheal collapse or degenerative disease. Your veterinarian can help with a diagnosis.

Why Does My Dog Cough After Drinking Water?

Dogs with kennel cough for drinking water

Kennel Cough is a highly contagious airborne disease transmitted by the cough of infected dogs. The kennel cough is, as its chief suggests, often shared in the boarding facilities. This disease of the respiratory system can also be ill from a communal water bowl or dog park.

Dogs suffering from kennel cough show symptoms such as a chopping, honking cough. The cough sometimes becomes miserable, as if something had got stuck in the throat of your dog. Otherwise, your dog behaves normally.

Kennel cough normally takes 2-4 weeks to run its course. Veterinarians can prescribe a cough medicine to make your dog relief. There are preventive booster vaccines and Bordetella vaccines, but like most viruses, there is no cure. We have a few home remedies so that your dog can feel well cared for in a kennel cough. You will also find instructions for cleaning up and a guide to dealing with this unfortunate illness.


In most cases, coughing for drinking water is a fairly harmless phenomenon common to most dogs. However, if you experience an unexplained increase in cough accompanied by any of the symptoms of tracheal collapse, hypoplastic trachea, or kennel cough, contact your veterinarian.

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