Why Is My Cat Blinking Slowly?

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Why Is My Cat Blinking Slowly?

Are you watching from sitting at the computer and notice that your cat is lounging and winking at you? Or they blink at you lazily when you wake up, or they stare and blink at you when you cook? Do not worry, that's a good thing! In fact, this is as close as possible to a cat who says the words "I love you".

You are not sure how slowly a blink of an eye "I love you" means from a cat? Here is how.

When your cat stares at you, blinking slowly, opening her eyes further and then slowly blinking again, this is a great sign of affection and trust. For wild cats, though they are unbelievable hunters, they can also be easy targets for prey. With its increased smell, sound and vision, a cat is constantly aware of dangers. Her cat, the ever-vigilant hunter who is always prepared for predators that hunt her, closes her eyes around you!

That's a huge risk for a cat. They essentially say, "I trust you enough to slowly close my eyes, more than once, because I know you are not attacking me and I hope you feel the same way." A little morbid? For sure. However, your cat is wild, and if you know you can trust it, you are part of their pack. Cats have fantastic memories, so it's easy to lose confidence or never win trust with a cat. If they feel safe with you, they will show it by blinking slowly. This requires work, because cats earn trust, it is not bad enough.

Your cats see you as a big (somewhat awkward) cat that is part of their pack. So when they say "I love you," they do it in cat language. There are a few other signs of your cat showing their confidence in you, so their love for you. When your cat shows her belly, they show their tenderest part containing all the organs. If you show them their guts, they know they will not crash and hurt them.

Why Is My Cat Blinking Slowly?

When your cat sips you. It is also a sign of playful affection that says, "I will cleanse you and not hurt you with my sharp bites, for I know you will not hurt me." If you have other cats, you often see them together (if they are friends). If a cat does this to you, she says the same thing. (Even though your cat may not quite understand that you have no fur and hurt your bites more than it would hurt another cat.)

Since your cat tells you that you love her, you should definitely return the affection! No, they will not understand if you say "I love you", but you can tell them otherwise. When they show you their vulnerable abdomen, you gently stroke them. (Do not touch your stomach because you are scared and feel attacked.) If your cat is slowly blinking at you, you should slowly blink back and show them that you trust her again. Even though they can not understand your words, when you say how much you love them in a gentle, quiet voice, they will understand that you let them know that they are safe with you.

Why Is My Cat Blinking Slowly?

The next time you see your cat staring and blinking you should feel good. Your cat lets you know that they love you and feel safe. Keep them feeling safe. Now that you know what they mean, try to communicate with them the way they communicate with you. You will appreciate it and you will love much more.

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