DIY Rainbow Slime

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DIY Rainbow Slime

Ingredients for Slime

  • Blue Elmers Glitter Glue
  • Green Elmers Glitter Glue
  • Pink Elmers Glitter Glue
  • Purple Elmers Glitter Glue (if you want galaxy slime, we recommend using lots of purple and less green)
  • Borax Mixed With Water (We used one Teaspoon of borax and 2 Tablespoons of water)
  • 4 Clean mixing bowls
  • Spoons to stir with

Note: If you do not have borax or wish not to use it, liquid starch can be used instead. The slime will end up being a bit stickier and harder to work with, but you will still end up with something cool to play with

Step by Step Instructions

DIY Rainbow Slime

Empty your glitter glue into the bowls, using one bowl for each color of glue. This one is the pink

DIY Rainbow Slime

This part is even fun, the glitter glue is just pretty to look at.

DIY Rainbow Slime

Green glue makes awesome slime.

DIY Rainbow Slime

Now, for the fun part. You will start adding your borax water to the glue, very slowly. You do not want to add too much at first, as it is difficult to go backwards. You can always add more as you go. The key to making the best slime is knowing when you have added enough. The goal is the get the slime to not be sticky, but you do not want it to be hard. Add borax water and stir until the slime starts pulling away from the sides of your bowl. It does not matter which color of glue you start with, you will be doing the same thing to each bowl of slime as you mix the glue with the borax and water.

DIY Rainbow Slime

Be sure to stir well as you make your slime, you do not want to add too much borax to your rainbow slime at once. We start by adding a few drops of borax water and stirring, then adding a little more to the DIY slime mixture.

DIY Rainbow Slime

See how the slime no longer sticks to the edges of the bowl? This is when it is ready for the next step, kneading. What a fun and easy craft idea for kids and teens! We were super happy when we realized how easy this one is to clean up, too. Knead each color of slime until is is not sticky, but still soft. Then place it on a table or back into the bowl and work on the next color.

Once the slime is not sticking to the bowl, you get to put your hands in it and start kneading your slime.

DIY Rainbow Slime

This part of slime making is our favorite! Knead your slime well until it is not sticky. We suggest a few minutes. Still too sticky? Put it back in the bowl and add a tiny bit of borax water.

DIY Rainbow Slime

When you finish kneading your slime, you will have four blobs that look like this. Feel free to play with them before moving on to the next step for making DIY rainbow slime.

DIY Rainbow Slime

Which color is your favorite? We can’t decide either. Good thing is, you don’t have to!

DIY Rainbow Slime

Once you are ready to make your rainbow slime, roll and stretch each color so it looks like this, laying each one down next to the other on your table or clean counter. A cutting board will also work well for this.

DIY Rainbow Slime

Now, pinch the colors together a little bit and stretch your slime from the ends.

DIY Rainbow Slime

You will see the beautiful colors of your rainbow galaxy slime start to appear.

DIY Rainbow Slime

credit by diyprojectsforteens.com

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