4 Amazing Makeup Tips To Wear With Your Yellow Dress

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4 Amazing Makeup Tips To Wear With Your Yellow Dress

Are you wearing a yellow ensemble for a cousin’s wedding and are stumped on how to do your makeup? No ensemble is complete without the right makeup. There are a number of ideas that you can implement to make your features pop and exude class through makeup and dress. Some of them are described below.

Get ready to look like a glam doll by creating your personalized makeup for yellow dress!

1. Face

The basic make-up with yellow dress should be natural and muted. Do not try to outshine the color of your dress; it will end in a glaring, glaring catastrophe. A light, airy expression on your face is desirable as yellow has a warm color. To be flawless and natural, start with your best friend - the concealer. Cover your blemishes and merge with your finger. For the primer, choose one that melts into your skin without leaving noticeable marks. If you can not find a hue exactly like your skin tone, mix two primers (one darker, one lighter) to get the color you want. Apply evenly with a make-up sponge. You can also choose a well-toned moisturizer instead of a foundation.

2. Cheeks

If you are one of the lucky few who can wear a yellow dress, you should opt for a make-up that belongs to the warm color family.

While your base is modest, let your cheeks speak of warmth and a healthy glow. Clear cream-based baking tints are suitable for this purpose. Pulverbronzer work well too. How bronzer or rouge is applied depends on your facial structure and how you want to highlight it. If you want a rosy glow, almost like a natural flush, you should apply the tint to the cheek apple. If you want to highlight your cheekbones, apply them directly under your cheek and mix them with a brush in the direction of the temple. With a yellow dress, blush colors like peach, coral, warm pink and orange are beautiful.

3. Eye

Whether you wear your yellow Flow-ey dress for a prom or a wedding, it's important to get the eye makeup right! There are various ways you can make up your eyes for a yellow dress. While the Smokey look is an insanity and fits in well with anything, you could focus on your lips and put simple cabbage lines on your eyes.
Start with a kale-rimmed eye by covering your eyes with a metallic-based eye-cream in a neutral or light brown color. Draw a thin, dark line around the eyelashes with a very dark pencil. Draw lines with a black charcoal pencil to make your eyes pop.

To create smoky eyes, first cover your eyelids with a cream color. Stain with a brown shadow on the inside of the light and anthracite color on the eyelash line. Create a V-shaped wing tip with a matte black eye shadow using an angled brush and trace the entire upper and lower eyelash line. Complete with black liner. To accentuate your smoky eyes, put a drop of champagne glitter in the middle of the top lid and near the tear ducts.

4. Lips

If you are smoky, keep your lips looking neutral. You can opt for pink or orange butterscotch. Or you can use a nude pink or pink lipstick. A yellow dress with bright red make-up is a combination you should avoid! They stand out in the crowd like a sore thumb, with a buttery yellow and bright red combo!

If your eyes and cheeks are naturally made-up, you can enhance your game with a bold red lipstick. This is a quirky look with two warm, bright colors. But make sure your eyes do not have long cat's eyes or dark shadows to keep distractions to a minimum.

Start with a pink or peach liner between the lip rims. Now choose a brownish red that you like (warm tones are desirable) and cover your lips with it. Blot with a tissue and you're ready.

Yellow stands for warmth and sunshine. Keep your make-up minimalist and the accessories as subtle as possible, and radiate confidence and verve!

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