Audi R8 V10 Performance Review

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Audi R8 V10 Performance Review

Could the new Audi R8 be the last Audi R8?

Pessimistic beginning, but fair point. The supercar from Audi certainly has an uncertain future. It's not as profitable as its Lamborghini cousin Huracan, because the Audi R8 wears a badge that's also suitable for diesel tailgates and some forgetful crossovers, so it can not be as expensive as the Lambo. That uses many of the same bits.

In addition, Audi is driving forward an electric future: the e-tron family. It has already shown us a great electric supercar concept, sparking what a battery-powered Audi supercar could look like.

And the company no longer works in Le Mans, which was built over a decade ago to build the original R8. What to do with a low, loud V10 dinosaur?

Celebrate it, that's what. Damn well in it. This is the facelifted, optimized Audi R8 Mk2.1. In the near future to a subtle Tony Stark product in your area, without a doubt.

Audi R8 V10 Performance Review

It looks more ... plasticky.

Yes, that's the facelift surgery. Obviously, Audi overtook its infamous lattice last year and had to use up the remains before the accountants reached the roof. So we have a massive grille that stretches right over the rear of the car, and at the front the mouth is deeper, wider and more angular.

There are gills and louvers, and each time you open the hood to put your purchase in the trunk, you'll find that these three shots under the badge - a retro nod to the group B Sport Quattro - are wrong , So are the inlets behind the tank lid and the side panel parts.

To distract you, the new exhaust pipes are massive.

Audi R8 V10 Performance Review

What is then a "performance" of an R8 V10?

The faster, formerly known as R8 V10 Plus. The performance of all R8s is available for 2019, and in the performance you get 612 hp instead of 602 hp on the old R8 Plus and 562 hp on the standard R8 V10.

As a result, each version of the R8 has shortened the 0-62mph sprint by 0.1 seconds. In performance this means 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds (and slightly faster if you ignore Audi's deliberately conservative claims). The top speed is 205 miles per hour. You can have a faster super sports car than this, but you do not need one.

No time to get the stopwatch out? Do not worry about it. If you see an R8 with the carbon rear wing, this is the performance. The grand piano is "I'm Richer Than You," the abbreviation - the performance puts you under £ 150,000 or £ 13,000 more than the standard R8.

Audi R8 V10 Performance Review

New name, new power, new plastic. Not much, right?

Not especially and it's the same story inside - the interior has not changed a bit. So it still feels like a big TT, which is actually the biggest compliment you could give the cabs of any car. A screen in the eye line of the driver, stunning flashes of carbon and real aluminum and a lush workmanship.

The defects have remained. The seats still do not hug you more than the chairs of your A4, and each time you reach for the charger for mobile phones, use the buttons on the climate control.

We are sorry. That always bothered me, seriously, look at the interior shots in the gallery. This compartment has teeth behind the gear lever.

Audi R8 V10 Performance Review

Something new and interesting?

Audi has made extensive changes to German nerdigen things such as suspension components and the optional dynamic steering, which varies depending on the speed of the steering angle.

It should make the car more agile if you misbehave and more relaxed if you are not. Honestly, it's a lot more intuitive than it used to be, and if you really focus, turn off the radio, and pay close attention, the steering is more detailed than before. It's good for an R8, but not a mark in the lively racing car feel of a McLaren.

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