10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

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10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

When it comes to European travel, there are certain places that are naturally easier for visitors and especially for female solo travelers. Europe is a continent that is generally very secure with low crime rates and a respectful attitude towards women, but of course this is more noticeable in some places than others.

Whether you are looking for a destination for a single women's journey, a trip with your girlfriends or a place that will be relatively uncomplicated without too many problems.
Here are my suggestions on the top 10 European travel destinations for female travelers!


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

Scandinavia is ideal for female travelers because of its equality and tolerance, but Sweden is one of the best cities in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

In the north of the country, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Northern Lights or visit one of the many islands that make up Sweden's archipelago.


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

The spectacular scenery of Iceland is an amazing destination, and combined with a low crime rate and developed tourism infrastructure makes this an ideal destination for female travelers.

A good selection of day trips and attractions, such as the Blue Lagoon, glacier walks, scuba diving or snorkelling in the Silfrafissur, mean you can either take part in organized excursions or do something yourself!


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

Portugal has many historical sights and some stunning beach destinations that are ideal for sun and sand lovers.

All over the country there is a wonderful cuisine with great wine and good food - especially in cities like Porto. Lisbon is also a top destination for girls looking for retail therapy, with a large selection of independent fashion designers at home.


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

Italy is a wonderful country with a well-balanced blend of thriving culture and cuisine and a remarkable history. This means that the sights of Rome on foot to the beautiful Amalfi Coast range.

The country is welcoming and friendly, especially when you discover the excellent wines and food of the region!


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

The mountainous region of Switzerland in Central Europe has long been a popular tourist destination. Female travelers have a number of destinations in Switzerland, from the cosmopolitan city of Geneva to the old town of Bern.


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

Of course, most people think of whiskey, beer, and a warm welcome offered by the Irish, but it's a country that does not lack great attractions.

From the beautiful buildings and literary tradition of Dublin to the rugged and rugged West Coast countryside, this is a great country to explore that is generally very safe and friendly for female travelers.


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

If you want to travel on a budget, Croatia is generally cheaper than many European countries and yet a friendly and safe place to visit.

The wonderful coast offers many beautiful beaches and great sailing opportunities. Croatia is also a region of gastronomy. Come hungry and treat yourself to fresh seafood, truffles, honey, wine and local olive oil!


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

The Netherlands is famous for its low terrain and the great history of the artists who come from the country. The population is very popular among female travelers.

The flat terrain is ideal for outdoor sports such as cycling and hiking, and it is also worth visiting historic sites such as city museums and traditional windmills in the countryside.


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

With a great series of islands and an extensive history, including some of the most famous historical monuments in the world, there is something for every female traveler in Greece.

The relaxed culture is ideal for those who want to meet with locals, while the excellent fresh food is a highlight of any visit.


10 European Destinations For Female Travelers

This charming country has a rich history in its cities and excellent transport links with neighboring countries, making it ideal for a longer itinerary.

Brussels is home to some wonderful architecture, the European Parliament and the great EDM festival Tomorrowland. Cities like Ghent and Bruges offer walks along romantic canals (complete with white swans)!

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