10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

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10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

I wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets white for years. They are beautiful, but the cabinets are almost the same color as the floors and the counters are dark. It is a bit muddy. I'm not sure when I can, but I dream of all the fun things you can do with a white kitchen.

I mean that white kitchens do not have to be boring! You can be fat. I want to prove that to you today.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

Our first (and probably my favorite) white kitchen comes from Elise's Kitchen Remodel in A Beautfiul Mess.

I just love how she was able to recolor her devices. And the open shelf (she loves, she says loves) is just beautiful. I am also excited about their golden hardware. The white counters, floors and cabinets really make this detail shine.

That's what I love about a white background.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

This white kitchen of My Scandinavian Home inspires me to the core. I love the tile that reaches to the ceiling, and those doors.
All it takes is a blast of pink somewhere. Just a little. Like some pink peonies put in this vase on the table.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

I honestly do not know what to do with myself here. I'm Gaga over this black and white backsplash in this white kitchen.

I know that I would have to do this in my kitchen as we prepare for an update. And this gas stove. Someone sends me some dough. (the green kind, baby ... green)

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

For the sake of always wanting to buy and being an old home so I can do cool stuff on the floors. Like in this amazing kitchen.

I would paint some beaten hardwoods before you could call me crazy. I mean, if I can paint a piano, I can certainly paint some wooden floors without guilt.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

This white kitchen, which I found on designmom.com, hits the right notes. A few gaudy pieces of gold with the pancakes and accents let me just sip.

And this breakfast table? I am all about this one. I love the natural wood base. It breaks the monotony of white and brings the room just enough to warm up.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

Well, here we deviate a little from glamor, but certainly not from the brave. Alison Kandler hit a homerun with this white kitchen.

It draws a lot of color, but it's still not overwhelming because there's so much white. And the carved detail of the hood makes this kitchen look like a dollhouse. However, the rustic sconces and the sophisticated colors prevent them from going beyond the board. Just the right amount if you ask me.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

Some years ago we wanted to build a house in Georgia. I nearly lost my eyesight when I looked over the house plans, but one of my favorites had such a fitted kitchen. Not as thoughtful as our budget was less than rolling fruit, but I love the idea of an open kitchen that still feels like it's in their own space.

Not to mention brick inside is a total gain.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

This kitchen by Oh Joy! It's best to drive me crazy. We certainly could not live with such a tiny refrigerator (although in Switzerland it was probably only about that big). But I think that's just her studio, that could work. Fill this fridge with fresh limes and Perrier and I'm a happy blogger.

I also love the kickboard detail. And the donut print. Give me donuts, but make sure they're on paper. Nice to look at but not prone to me.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

Well, I'm not a huge "rustic" fan. But I have my moments. And this hood has the perfect timing.

Maybe one day I will have this gas stove and need a custom made wood hood.

10 Wonderful Bold White Kitchens

Last but not last, this beautifully designed candy dish from a kitchen by Sugar and Cloth fills my sweet tooth. I want it all. Morgan would probably want to move out, but I'm sure he would visit me occasionally.

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