The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

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The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

From California to the Caribbean and from Greece to Southeast Asia, many of the world's most popular beach destinations have a pink sandy beach.

Forget soft white sand or pale yellow beaches - nowadays it's about pretty pink by the sea, and there are many places in the world where you can find sun, sea and pastel pink sand - that can get their color from rocks, corals and much more. We have selected the best beaches with pink sand from around the world to plan your next beach vacation.

Pfeiffer Beach, California, USA

The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

Just off the stunning Pacific Coast Highway in California, Pfeiffer Beach is off the main road at the end of Sycamore Canyon Road, an unmarked, three-kilometer winding road. The pink-violet color of the sand - the color comes from manganese garnets - is not immediately recognizable. However, stroll to the place where the ocean laps the north shore, and you will find some interesting shades as the water flows in and out.

This part of the coastline is beautifully rugged, with rocky outcropping just offshore, including the much-photographed Keyhole Rock, where the last of the daylight shines through a natural arc to the sunset. There is a paid parking but no other facilities. Bring your own picnic if you want to stop for a day.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

Do not expect to have the sand on Bermuda's most famous beach. Horseshoe bay
is a hugely popular destination for visitors and locals alike. But do not be put off - it's still a fantastic day for couples and families. There are small pools and caves to explore on the promontories in the azure blue ocean, and the beach walks along the rugged coastline invite for spectacular walks.

There are many facilities, including loungers and chairs that can be rented at the Rum Bum Beach Bar, as well as public toilets and showers. Local minibuses and public buses stop here on the whole island. So it's a simple do it yourself trip. Just behind the sand there is a free car park.

Pink Sands Beach, Port Island, Bahamas

The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

Pink Sands Beach is located on a thin peninsula at the northern end of the Bahamas and is a strikingly beautiful, 3.7 km long strip of sand. The soft, fine grains get their color from the shells of microscopic foraminifera, which are rinsed with waves from the ocean. The result is a beautiful beach in pastel pink, soft underfoot and great for swimming.

Pink Sand, a four-star beach resort, offers unparalleled ocean views from its rooms and excellent restaurants (serving locally-caught, European-inspired seafood), as well as bike, kayak and paddle board rentals. Just 10 minutes' walk east of the beach, Dunmore Town offers many entertainment options. Visit the Princess Street Gallery to enjoy local arts and crafts, and do not miss a meal at the famed Brian's BBQ.

Crane Beach, Barbados

The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

Crane Beach in Barbados is a typical Caribbean beach lined with rocking coconut palms and overlooking the azure waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Rent a sun lounger in pink sand (available at The Crane Hotel, free for hotel guests) and listen to the waves gently landing on the shore, or rent a boogie board that juts out into the surf. An informal beach bar under umbrellas in the sand sells cocktails in coconuts - it could not be much better!

Elafonisi, Crete, Greece

The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

Elafonisi on the Greek island of Crete, one of the most famous pink sand beaches in the world, is a popular holiday destination from spring to autumn thanks to the mild temperatures of the region. The pink sand is lapped by crystal clear Mediterranean waters, and at low tide, a sandbank provides access to an island with a small chapel.

There are sun loungers to rent and ample space to drop off your towel, and active types can enjoy kitesurfing lessons from the Elafonisi Kite Club. Around the free car park and further inland there are a handful of restaurants. It is best, however, to bring a picnic.

Big Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

Just over a mile south of Zamboanga City, on the uninhabited island of Great Santa Cruz, is the only pink beach in the Philippines. Accessible on day trips from the mainland (booking through the kiosk on Paseo del Mar), it is a beautiful escape from the city. Swimming is not recommended, as the current can be very strong, but you can paddle on the pink sand and take lots of pictures.

The number of visitors is limited, therefore you should arrive early at the kiosk and note that all visitors must leave the island by 14:00 clock. in the interest of conservation.

Tangsi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

Tangsi Beach is located in the remote southeastern corner of Lombok and is a little-visited gem. Rent a scooter and drive to the peninsula. You will be pampered with magnificent views of paddy fields and rural life in Indonesia before you reach the pink sand, which gets its color through tiny pieces of dead coral washed up on the shore.

There is an informal restaurant, Lombok Rasa Waroeng Pantai Pink, amidst a group of corrugated iron shacks at the western end of the beach serving local delicacies such as nasi goreng (fried rice) and satay ayam (chicken satay).

Pink beach, Komodo island, Indonesia

The Best Pink Sand Beaches Around the World

Komodo Island is best known for the prehistoric-looking dragons traveling in the pristine wilderness areas, this is not just about reptiles. The beautiful pink beach, which also shimmers with dead coral rocks, offers excellent snorkeling opportunities, and you can watch manta rays or even sperm whales in the sea.

Komodo Island is a national park and can only be reached on tours from Flores or on multi-day boat trips from Lombok. In other parts of the island, you can walk and watch birds. Look for the mega-bird that builds huge soil nests and incubates its eggs in warm dung.

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