6 Best Things To Do In Taiping

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6 Best Things To Do In Taiping

Malaysia is an incredible place. It’s an extremely affordable place to travel with friends and as well family. Taiping is a small town and a perfect place to escape from the crowdie and busy life of metropolitan cities. The place is highly affected by tropical climate, thus, you will get to experience summer all year round. The dry weather is one of the reasons why people choose to visit this place. This historical city is located in northern Perak that is about 4 hours drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Being an old and a quite city, there are some interesting sights which deserve special attention. Therefore, if you are looking for some interesting things to do in Taiping, make sure you include these best experiences.

1. Taiping Lake Gardens

6 Best Things To Do In Taiping

Taping Lake Garden is built on the top of an old mining site. During the British rule in Malaysia, it was later converted into the first public garden. There are lots of iconic rain trees that are dramatically bent downwards towards the lake that makes walking around it a wonderful experience. There are various plants, lakes, ponds that will surely allow you enjoy w the park. If you ever visit this beautiful place alone or with your family, do remember to visit this garden as it the best place to chill out for a while and relax or run around.

Location: Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

2. Bukit Larut

6 Best Things To Do In Taiping

Taiping is the wettest area in the country; therefore, it is able to preserve much of the ambiance of a colonial hill station with cozy bungalows, well-maintained gardens, and a cool climate. Tourists are usually attracted to climb to the cottage as it is at the top of the hill. One needs to get in this hill station through a four- wheeled jeep. Additionally, the hill resort was published as a permanent forest reserve in the 19th century, thus, giving it a historical identity.

Location: Jalan Bukit Merah, 34400 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
Popular Activities: Explore Pangkor Island, visit Belum Forest Reserve, and trek to Tempurung Cave

3. Perak Museum

6 Best Things To Do In Taiping

Perak Museum, established in 1883 is also known as Muzium Perak. It is situated about a kilometer from the center of town on the Jalan Taming Sari. The museum covers a lot of native animals’ skeleton in a child-friendly way. There are numerous museums in the state of Perak. However, Perak museum is the first and the oldest museum amongst them. It was established during the 19th century. Today, it constitutes natural and cultural collections and archaeological items too. It has over 8000 articrafts and also provides a tour guide for those who are interested. That’s not all; the place is cheap with plenty of parking and has clean toilets. Sadly, no babies change facilities.

Location: Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
Popular Activities: Ride on the bamboo boat, buy wooden face masks, and more

4. Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

6 Best Things To Do In Taiping

Taiping Zoo is located in a lovely natural setting at lake gardens with streams, lakes, and abundance of flowers that allows you to take the unique benefits of being able to use nature at its best. It covers the area of 34 acres, with more than 180 species of animals and 1300 individuals. The caretakers of this beautiful zoo have put their efforts to maintain the experience of the animal’s natural habitat such as Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Hornbills, Orangutans, and many more. Your Visit to Malaysia is of no good if you don’t take a tour around this incredible Zoo.

Location: Taman Tasik Taiping, 34000 Taiping, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Timings: Daily 8 am to 11 pm

5. First Galleria

6 Best Things To Do In Taiping

First Galleria is a historic museum that presents Taiping many firsts in five impressive galleries. This Galleria is situated in a beautiful heritage building which was used as a furniture shop before its restoration. The building is easy to locate. It is situated right next to King Edward Primary School. Taiping was one of the oldest towns in Malaysia, built by Britishers yet it can claim to be the first country to get an European Club, the first rent house, the first central market building, and many more.

Location: Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
Popular Activities: Visit this wonderful museum; go sightseeing, admire the architecture, and more

6. Burmese Pool

6 Best Things To Do In Taiping

Burmese Pool is a natural place to visit. This beautiful place is considered one of the best places to rest your feet in the water and absorb the fresh air. You can also listen to nature whispering sweet sounds of forest music that will give you inner peace. Walking barefoot around the pool is an amazing feeling. The river is cold and fresh, the source of water directly comes from the waterfall on Bukit Larut.

Location: Taiping 34000, Malaysia
Popular Activities: Natural springs, mountain biking, trek in the forests, and more

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